A Practice in Self Care that Helps Me

I think most of my suffering comes from the "stories" that I make up in my mind about events or people over which I am powerless.  It is not the event itself, but what I continue to tell myself about it.  I believe that it is the mind chatter, the toxic fear based "what if" scenarios running unquestioned that have caused me a lot of unnecessary suffering.

It is how I have tried to manage/control my fear.  Just for today, I can practice relying on my Higher Power* for a more accurate perspective and to recognize that the "stories" I make up are just that.

I can pause now and become aware that I am fully immersed in my Higher Power's/God's Loving Presence and I can see myself and my life events from that perspective.

Today I am going to practice recognizing and suspending the rehearsed "stories" I try to tell myself.

I am going to pause, and breathe deeply.  "Higher Power in" and then exhale, "everything else out".
"Higher Power in" and "everything else out".  In...all that is of the Higher Power and out...everything else.

Sometimes I imagine my brain being washed clean "bathed" with the clean fresh water of God's Loving Presence.  Washing away all the toxic thoughts and fears that I have allowed to build up in my mind.  "Higher Power in" and "everything else out".

* Higher Power refers to the God of your understanding. 

[Option for practice of Self Care:   Observe in a nonjudgmental way, what thoughts occupy your mind and are troubling.  Write down those thoughts and the "stories" that you are telling yourself that are the basis for those thoughts.  After writing it all down, ask your Higher Power (God as you understand God), for help with them.  Turn each thought/story over to the Loving Care of your Higher Power.  After doing so, you can cross them off your list and know that they have been turned over to the Care and Will of your Higher Power.  Relax and see what your H.P. will do with them. ] 


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