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Find Someone Who Will Listen

One of the BEST Self Care gifts that I have ever given to myself is finding another person who will gladly take the time to listen.  As parents we sometimes isolate ourselves for a variety of reasons.  Self Care insists that we make a commitment today, to find at least one person with whom we feel comfortable and who will listen to us.  We desperately need to speak our truth...and be heard.  This is the essence of Self Care. 

Do you know another parent of a child/youth/adult with Autism or other challenge?  Self Care is finding someone who will listen without judgement and without tryin to "fix".  Find a few of these people you can call, email, text, visit or write.

One of our most desperate needs is to be heard.  Especially when we are Parents of someone with Autism.  I have 3 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Many people have taken the time to listen to me over the years.  Without judgement, or the tick of the clock and without being rushed. 

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