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I have a right to be happy and enjoy the life I have been given!

I believe that even though I am a parent of sons and a daughter with autism and mental illness, I have a right to experience peace of mind and to do whatever is necessary to maintain that!
1.    I have a right to "pursue happiness" and enjoy the one short life I have been given.

2.    I am worth whatever work it takes to cultivate and maintain a peaceful existence within and I believe that there is a Power much Greater than I am that will do anything to assist me in that endeavor.

3.    I have a right to enjoy the beauty of nature around me!  I can get out of the house and take a walk, clear my mind and seek conscious contact with my Creator.

4.    I have the right to not waste my life consumed by worry and gripped by fear over the future well-being of my sons and daughter.

5.    I have the right to love myself and to make self-care my primary responsibility, just for today!

I declare that just for today, I have the right to Peace of Mind!