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When the "Crap" of Life Starts Hitting the Fan

Last night we went to visit our daughter in the Psych Ward.I know, I know, I am the mom who has four children and three of them have autism.Why am I talking about a Psych Ward?Well…our daughter (with High Functioning Autism) who is 18, started seeing things that weren’t there and hearing voices a little over a year ago.This has progressively gotten much worse in the past couple weeks.To the point where she can no longer tell that these delusions are not reality.She is living in them all day, now most days.

Disbelief is the term that describes my state of mind, in our surreal drive to the Psych Hospital.If only this were just a nightmare, that I could be assured that I would soon wake up from.But,no…[After a few playful face slaps to myself]….No, this is not a nightmare.I am already awake.   Life is not supposed to go like this!  The visit was very difficult to experience.  A big part of me wanted to take drastic action to protect her from what was happening and "fix it; make it al…