My Son/Daughter, Is Not My Report Card of Self Worth

My son/daughter, is not my Report Card for self worth as a human being.  I get into trouble when I forget that. If my daughter has a bad day at school, it does not mean that my value as a person and parent is likewise not OK.  With Autism, there are ups and downs a lot.  It is best if I don't get on that roller-coaster and ride it like it determines how well I am doing as a parent.

The phone rings, and my heart drops.  "Oh no!  Not again!"  And my day ends up being a tortured dance of me kicking myself and thinking that I am responsible for "making" my daughter behave normally.  What happens to my daughter today, has nothing to do with my value as a human being.  I am not responsible for her autism.  I did not cause it, for today I cannot cure it, and I no longer see it as my job description to control it.  


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